what is the “Mewing” technique?

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If you spend hours on TikTok, chances are you’ve heard of #mewing and its videos causing a real buzz. Especially at this time when the terrible #summerbody is more present than ever. But what is the meowing technique? Well, that would erase our double chin. We tell you more…

A misguided medical technique

It’s very simple, the hashtag #mewing counts over 300 million views on TikTok. Believing that after the stomach the chin has become the worst human complex, because yes, the meowing technique would allow get rid of it in the more or less long term.

Its name is inspired by its creator, orthodontist John Mew, born in 1928. At the time, the professional created his own technique to rebalance the lower face and re-educate tongue placement.

A century later, it is diverted to fight the famous double chin that many of us find ugly. In fact, “mewing” is supposed to move the chin line up and improve nose breathing while making the jaw line more pronounced. A seemingly simple gesture that would visually reduce the famous double chin.


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Mewing: how does it work?

Instead of undergoing cosmetic surgery, who wouldn’t say “Yes” redesign the jaw and hide the double chin without spending a euro? It seems possible, as long asbe a little trained and… persevering. Many TikTok tutorials teach us how to use this technique anywhere, anytime and any time of day.

Simply fully press the tongue against the palate and clench the lower and upper jaws together. At first, expect to feel some pain, your tongue muscles are not used to the exercise… But according to the various videos posted on social media, when you look at yourself in profile or face-on, the double chin dramatically diminishes.


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If you find it difficult to apply the meowing technique naturally, there’s a little accessory to help you… chewing gum ! We put it on the palate using our tongue. And if you don’t have gum on hand, some influencers advise you to practice this technique with hard foods like nuts or beans. An entire program…


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Mewing, is it dangerous?

we see so many crazy social media techniques that we inevitably come to ask the question… Especially since the double chin can exist in a family from generation to generation. Morality assuming it’s still the best solution.

Asked by Madame Lefigaro, doctor Lisa Hanrad also warns users of the meowing technique:

“While the method is not inherently dangerous, there is still no scientific evidence of actual results. In addition, it can potentially aggravate or even cause pain or tension in the area of ​​the masticatory muscles. Especially in people already affected by teeth grinding. »

However, according to the scientist, she would also have beneficial effects and would allow “to improve our way of swallowing and create a slightly more defined jawline over time, as well as an overall improvement in posture“.

But let’s be careful: filters and light used by influencers on social media may give a false idea of ​​the result. For Lisa Hanrad, the first visible effects can be counted in months, even years:

“There are noticeable changes in the central part of the face. The chin and chin can be reshaped between six months and a year. Of course this varies from person to person. »

Patience and rigor are therefore necessary… However, you can always try face yoga. We are waiting for you on our forums to discuss it!

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