These foolproof correctors that will wonderfully camouflage your imperfections for this summer!

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It’s true that having dark circles under your eyes doesn’t make you look good. That’s why we offer you this ultra-practical makeup tip!

Now that we’ve spent months staring at the screen, it’s clear that dark circles can appear much more intensely. In fact, lighting can make the pigmentation darker. So it is essential to find the best makeup tips to hide those dark circles.

And that’s where the professionals come in! They will tell us how to get the smoothest, most flawless finish. We reveal all the details in the following paragraphs! For your readings!

Makeup Tip: How to camouflage dark circles?

According to experts, you can look at a woman’s face and tell if she is using eye cream or not. They also emphasize the importance of moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Otherwise, your concealer and concealer will be on top instead of soaking into your skin. And for that, we offer you this blush from Morphe. A makeup tip that gives you medium coverage as well as making your complexion brighter!

Alternatively, you can use foundation all over your face, blending it into a very thin layer under your eyes. Ideally, apply it with your finger to create a dense coverage, then blend it with a damp beauty blender. If you’re still looking for the right foundation for you, makeup artist Daniel Bauer has the makeup tip for you!

He advises us to mix a light shade and a dark shade and apply them above the chin. Then blend them on your cheeks and neck. If they blend naturally both ways, you’ve found the perfect shades for you! Complete the makeup trick with this concealer KVD. You can get it for just €29.

You can’t use a simple foundation on very dark circles, as the result will be grayish. The ideal is to use a concealer to undo pigmentation shades. To neutralize purple skin tones, it’s best to opt for a concealer that matches your skin tone. This allows you to use less products to make up for the darkness. In addition, we recommend Nars Concealer for a more natural effect. The makeup tip continues in the next paragraphs.

The best concealers to camouflage your dark circles

In the area under the eyes, it is important to choose a concealer that is suitable for your skin type. And if you have fine lines, you need a thicker, matte, firmer concealer that won’t crease. You can opt for a more hydrating liquid product for relatively smooth skin. But if you want more pigment, choose Yves Saint Laurent concealer. An effective and ultra-practical makeup trick product!

In addition, you can also use an ice pack in the eyes and massage the area. Coldness helps to constrict blood vessels. And the pressure can activate the body’s natural response to drain accumulated fluid from that area. Yes, the makeup tip we offer in this article is not limited to cosmetic products!

Use absorbent papers to remove glare from area. Then, take a small brush to apply a setting powder to the affected area. As a result, the powder ends up clumping together. Finish with Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer. The ideal makeup trick to disguise dark circles and correct imperfections!

The next makeup tip is to use Yves Rocher concealer! Apply it only to the underside of the eye bags. As if tracing the shadows created by the pockets! Why below and not above? Well, it’s to create the illusion of elevation, just like contour your cheekbones.

Makeup Tip: These 2 Must-Have Concealers!

Get a second concealer like this one from Dior. Draw an inverted triangle where your pockets are. Wait about 10 seconds for the formula to become sticky. Then tap and blend using your ring finger. Also be aware that your body heat it will smooth the product and make the work easier.

Basically, the bags under the eyes are often textured. The aim is therefore to hide them. And be aware that these blemishes can be made worse by a concealer that fades (which is caused by oily skin). Except that’s not the case with Rimmel concealer. Know that the latter is made from aloe vera. This make-up trick will therefore hydrate the area to be treated.

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