These 3 pairs of shoes you absolutely must wear to be fashionable this summer!

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It’s time to grab your best pairs of shoes of 2022 to tackle the summer. Here are the 3 models to have at all costs!

More than functional accessories, shoes are a great way to complete the look. Pairs are multiplying in the market to meet the needs of fashionistas.

And the choice is even wider as the summer season approaches, allowing us to be creative. What are the pairs not to be missed this year? Discover the most popular 2022 pairs of shoes of the moment!

Shoes 2022: Clogs on top of the trend!

This is nothing new, clogs are always popular during the summer period. And these 2022 pairs of shoes will be no exception this year. These are as practical as they are original. Especially because they style your look if the latter looks too classic. The models offered by the great designers are as varied in terms of shape as they are in color to leave you the choice.

Very trendy during the 70s, these 2022 pairs of shoes are completely reinvented! wooden models however, they remain the most popular fashionistas. These are durable enough to serve you for a long time. Especially since the latter can be turned down in different guises. Then you will be spoiled for choice to complete your outfit!

In terms of color and style, these 2022 shoes will be extraordinarily original! In particular, you can enjoy studded pairs who popularized them. And if you want to give a little originality to the set, choose models with flashy colors. Between pink, green or even yellow, you will feel the joy of your eyes easily contaminate those around you!

How to wear these 2022 shoes? Nothing is easier! You can use these too with shorts or a light flowing dress. The most important thing is to know how to play in the volumes so that everything is not too imposing. Either way, know that clogs now come in different sizes so they don’t get in the way. And they are used on all occasions! The stars also take them to their most relaxed and complex-free nights.

High-heeled mules are a hit on social media

A quick stroll through social media and you’ll only see these pairs of shoes from 2022. Stars like Maeva Ghennam and other reality TV personalities popularized them in France. They are mules with heels that enhance the feet and ankles. Especially since they make you gain length if you are too short. A real asset for evening wear as well as for a well-dressed day at the office. It’s all about finding the right model for you.

Plus, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to these 2022 shoes. They’re especially appreciated for their colorful colors. Fuchsia pink is one of the most popular models when it comes to heeled mules. But your electric blue peers will also find favor with your eyes if you haven’t tried them out yet. These will bring the necessary originality to your look.

If we already knew about mules with classic heels, know that the shape of these 2022 shoes has changed a little. The most popular models will now be those whose the end is square. Pairs that will attract all eyes to your feet! However, be careful not to forget about the pedicure, as your nails will be perfectly visible.

Do you dream of wearing these 2022 shoes? Know that they match everything! From the feminine dress to flared pants, you’ll be spoiled for choice to make it stand out. Again, it’s all about volume and association.

Shoes 2022: Moccasins are back too!

This year is the year of retro style. If you’ve liked loafers in the past, know that they are part of the footwear trends of 2022. They have kept the same style as in the past, except in terms of colors. Sober and leather models, therefore, will not be part of this!

Opt for original 2022 shoes while staying prepared. Enough to sublimate your look consistently! And you can only appreciate the comfort they offer when you have to stand for a long time.

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