The summer belt that fashionistas want to be super fashionable!

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The Swedish brand continues to offer new products to its fans. This very festive belt from H&M promises to match all your summer styles!

Known in the fashion market, H&M hits hard with this minimalist belt it offers. With the arrival of the sunny days and the announcement of the holidays… this article is very appropriate.

This fashion piece will undoubtedly be the most summery item that will grace all your casual looks. Discover this original brand product in this article!

H&M minimalist belt

If the fashion trend in 2022 is dominated by the retro look, then the house of the Swedish brand decides to get involved. And recently, she just released a very essential belt model. This H&M belt rhymes beautifully with all the summer looks ! And it can make you look great!

Its original structure is just adorable! Indeed, a silver chain with butterfly pendants, this belt from H&M reminds us of the good old days. This model that won over 2000s fashionistas is back this year. And this time, she is dressed with a touch of simplicity and minimalism. But also its great adaptability also gives it a place of honor in all our summer looks!

As the belt is an essential fashion accessory, it is a piece that is present in every dressing room. And this model that H&M offers us is really tempting. Its silver color adds elegance. A true piece of fashion, this whimsical belt from the brand has several advantages. In addition to going for all styles, it can be a excess decoration to these!

As we just said, this new belt signed H&M is a very summery piece. she designs vacation image and a shutdown mode guaranteed! So, avoid bringing it to work, especially for a bureaucrat… Except, to wear a season dress that goes well with this article! Our advice? Wear this belt over a neutral-colored swimsuit if you want to reflect a feminine and distinctive look!

What clothes to wear with that belt?

As we mentioned above, it is essential to wear an ultra-feminine casual style, with this belt for a flawless look. Therefore, a mini-skirt accompanied by a cropped top would be a good combination. And precisely, it is the style recommended by H&M to all its customers! Obviously, dark color like black or navy blue is preferred!

However, it is also possible to use this belt with a bathing suit ! Plus, H&M has the model you need. This is the sculpted backless swimsuit that the brand sells in all its stores… and online! To define your lines well, the belt with butterfly pendants will be an excellent accessory for this look.

Of course, you can also wear this H&M belt with a two piece bathing suit. This way you are sure to attract attention. Yes, this new creation from the Swedish brand is worn with elegance and confidence. If you are someone who is ambitious and has strong self-confidence, don’t hesitate to adopt this style for your next vacation.

Finally, you can choose to bring this chain with a flare pants and crop top ! The aim is to give it a prominent place in our style. This belt is placed around the waist to give your vintage look a little extra pep. Of course, you need to complement this style with a 2000s hairstyle for consistency.

How much does the H&M belt cost?

First of all, note that this model is already available on the official H&M website, but also in all the brand’s stores. As this piece is part of the 2022 trend, its success may surprise us! That’s not all, this piece is sold at limited copiesso hurry up!

But how much do you have to pay if you want to have this piece? Well, H&M is also famous for its great affordability. In fact, to have the silver belt with butterfly details, you only need to spend 6.99 euros ! Quite impressive, isn’t it?

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