The Pixie cut is adopted by the stars this spring 2022, you will love this trendy cut!

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The pixie is therefore the 2022 female cut to absolutely adopt! Here are the templates that you can copy for sure!

Women’s haircut ideas for 2022 have multiplied in recent weeks. Influencers have something to surprise us on this level. But if there’s one that we all copy, it’s movie and music stars!

The latter are always at the top of the trend and are among the most fashionable. This year is no exception to the rule. And we all know, the shortcut is what we must adopt to be in tune. Here are some “pixie” ideas you can get inspired by before going to the hairdresser!

Women’s Cut 2022: The short pixie is causing a sensation!

Many of them adopted this feminine cut of 2022! In fact, the short pixie is the one that breaks all records on the red carpet. It must be said that short locks, colored or not, bring a touch of daring to your look. And it is precisely in this highlight of his personality that the stars decided to play to launch the fashion. Who are the ones to inspire you this year?

The first to adopt this 2022 women’s cut is none other thanAnne Hathaway. The actress made sure to stand out with the side bangs. The style is very marked so it cannot go unnoticed. It’s also trying at all costs if you want to keep a little length despite the shortcut. Especially since she adds femininity to her look.

Per michelle williams, the short pixie is so elaborate. This women’s 2022 cut is made with a side parting. That breaks the youthful side and keeps a little style in the hair. That’s why influencers also appropriated this hairstyle so quickly that only the beautiful blonde’s head appeared. Especially since the change is radical after seeing the long-haired actress over the course of several years.

But Natalie Portman also knew how to adopt the short pixie with style! This 2022 women’s cut is done this time with a little baby bangs that are styled on the side. This hair is ideal for enhancing femininity. But above all, it requires very little maintenance, which makes it ideal!

Other pixie cuts are also trending among the stars!

After the short pixie, the textured pixie is the most popular among the stars! This is particularly the case for Zoe Kravitz. If the young woman has caused a sensation on the red carpets lately, it is thanks to this 2022 cut that she perfectly frames her face. Her features being highlighted, it’s impossible not to notice her. It is also embellished with some short locks that can only please.

But there is also the Buzz Cut Afro by Lupita Nyong’o ! Since naturalness is very fashionable lately, this 2022 women’s haircut cannot fail to catch the eye. And if you have really wavy hair, it will make you stand out perfectly. No side parting but the fact that it can be pinned is a big plus of this hair trend.

Scarlett Johannson is also one of those who succumbed to the elf! For the actress, the women’s haircut trend for 2022 is undercut. This is a very short hairstyle, but the strands are lifted up. Something to mark the youthful side while remaining feminine.

As for Rihanna, yes it is to a long Pixie that she turned. This 2022 female haircut has been talked about a lot in recent years. And it’s back in effect with several variants. This long lock may, however, please those who wish to keep some of their mane.

Women’s Cut 2022: An even bolder pixie!

We’ve gone through the women’s haircut ideas for 2022 that we’ve seen in the last few months. But know that there is another one that could cause even more excitement this year. This is particularly the case with the shaved cut adopted by Jordan Alexander.

We can’t be bolder! And yet, the young woman wears this cut to perfection. It’s all about playing with accessories, including super stylish earrings. What to keep a touch of femininity that will please for sure!

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