The different key makeup looks that will be a hit this spring 2022

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For every season, there are new trends in terms of fashion and beauty. So, for the coming spring, new trends are already being noticed. As far as beauty is concerned, more specifically makeup, there are several tips and accessories you need to look good this season and we offer you in this article to discover the top makeup looks that will be a hit in spring 2022.

Nude lipstick: the color to adopt to be in fashion

The chill is over, it’s time to say goodbye to winter trends, to welcome the returning sun. So, for the new season that is starting, choose nude lipstick for your makeup. It’s true that winter was the time for dark lipsticks, but now it’s a thing of the past, so keep them in a drawer. Whether it’s red lipstick or burgundy, it’s all over, nude colors are the star makeup you’ll see on everyone’s lips. With this new trend, it must be said that spring is looking good.

In fact, according to trends, discretion is the watchword for spring 2022. There is no need to complicate your life with complicated, dark or heavy makeup, opt for lightness, freshness and simplicity. At the same time easy to use, distinctive and elegant, this type of lipstick is suitable for all skin tones. Despite being a lipstick from the 90s, it still has a very trendy look in 2022, which you can accentuate with a slightly darker contour pencil, you will love the final result.

The Glow: The Spring 2022 Trend to Wear

The gloss is back with great fanfare, for this spring 2022 that promises to be quite discreet but chic. This new makeup trend, which comes straight from the 2000s, will be on everyone’s lips this season. To be in fashion next spring, the tone is set for gloss, which will be the next color for your lips. So don’t hesitate to sport an ultra-shiny, luminous and uniform look with shine.

You will have a great advantage, by adopting this makeup. At first, the gloss gives a natural and smooth effect to your makeup. In addition, it fills in thin lips, to give them an appearance of volume. So do like the stars and say goodbye to matte textures, opt for shiny, hydrating trends. Treat yourself to glitter during the Spring 2022 season. However, when you want bold color and vibrancy, consider layering glitter over a tinted lipstick.

Pink: the favorite color of spring

To welcome the beautiful days to come, it’s time to embrace new trends. And for this new season, there is a key color, which will not be missing. For those who still don’t know, it’s pink makeup. You will see it everywhere. Whether it’s lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow or cheek highlights, it’s up to you to apply it however you like, to feel beautiful and modern. This trend will bring color to your everyday life during spring 2022.

Very natural, this color that will be successful, has a natural finish on the lips, cheeks or eyelids. If you don’t want to use it as a lipstick, you can use it as an eyeliner, a line of this color will make you the most beautiful and trendy of all. On the mascara side, it’s also another way to use pink in your makeup. As a blush, pink is a color that perfectly redraws cheekbones and hides pigmentation spots. Given the diversity of possible uses for pink, you have everything to gain by using it to brighten or perfect any makeup look.

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