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Want to flaunt the new 2022 hair color trend that is currently a hit on social media? No problem ! Our reactors reveal the reverse balayage on white and gray hair that first appeared during lockdown and hasn’t stopped being all the rage ever since. Something to enhance your gray hair in a very chic way! But what exactly is this hair trend? Who is it for and how to maintain it? And what is more important – what hairstyle to choose to highlight the reverse balayage? We tell you everything!

Fashion Coloring 2022: What is a Reverse Scan?

Salma Hayek fashion reverse hair color trend 2022

In recent years, the big hair trend has been to let gray hair grow out and accept the natural aging process. In other words – self-acceptance. This grassroots move has given the green light to many new hair color ideas whose main goal is to improve white and gray hair. Among the first, the reverse sweep that uses the technique of lowlights in the hair.

how to do a reverse scan of white and gray hair trend summer 2022 woman 60+

Unlike as-is sweep, which is intended to lighten lengths, reverse sweep primarily aims for the opposite effect. Therefore, it adds darkness, texture and depth to the light manes but also to the roots. Thus, this coloring technique flatters and enhances the hair by naturally blurring the contrast between the locks and the shade of the roots. Result: layers that blend harmoniously with all your hair.

Yes, having white or gray hair is the perfect opportunity to have fun trying out the hottest hair trend of the moment, the reverse scan.

reverse sweep transition in white and gray hair color trend 2022

You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and make your own spring-summer 2022 color trend! However, a question burns your lips: how to adopt this scan so fashionable that is a success? We will respond to you immediately! So, if you want to enhance your white or polar blonde hair, consider ash or ash blonde highlights that will blend in perfectly while creating a nice out-of-the-ordinary contrast.

On the other hand, to sublimate your silvery mane, don’t hesitate to adopt ash blonde locks to enjoy a transitional sweep. The reverse scan lends itself wonderfully to gray manes, but as long as you prefer low lights. In other words, think smoky brown and gray, ash brown, steel gray, and even red.

Reverse scan in fashion: who is it for?

reverse sweep transition on white and gray hair new hair color trend 2022

As you’ve probably already guessed, this 2022 hair color reminiscent of the Salt and Pepper Hair trend is for women who want to lighten up their white or gray hair. Reverse Sweep suits all hair types and all body types. Plus, it’s a 60-year-old woman’s hair color to adopt with your eyes closed!

And the maintenance?

what is reverse scan white and gray women hair color trend 2022

If you believe that this hair coloring trend for 2022 requires a lot in terms of maintenance, think again. In fact, reverse sweeping on white and gray hair does not require any special or regular maintenance. So there is no need to go to beauty salons often. Its easy maintenance resides above all in the natural evolution of the color that does not tend to create a root effect. However, nutritional care is in order. So remember to feed your hair well with suitable products between two sweeps. Don’t forget about purple shampoos and anti-yellowing products that aim to neutralize yellow highlights.

And last but not least, colors are sensitive to UV rays and it is essential to protect them in case of exposure. Solar hair care is a gesture to adopt urgently to enjoy a warm and well-protected mane.

What hairstyle to best bring out the flagship color of the year?

reverse sweep on white and gray hair coloring trend spring summer 2022

How to style your hair to highlight your new color trend 2022! The two best options available to you include curls and waves. For its realization, we recommend that you do a drying at home or make curls without heat. Use a heat protectant spray if necessary and finally set the hair with good quality styling products. That’s it !

reverse sweep on short white hair Jamie Lee Curtis new hair color trend 2022

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