At 34, Castraise Alice Benne goes into “survival” mode in the wild to move on in life

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Alice Benne has already taken two survival courses in the middle of the jungle on the other side of the world. And she doesn’t intend to stop there. Castraise, 34, finds the strength and motivation to pass milestones in his life there.

The least we can say is that she is on the move. “I moved 16 times in 17 years,” laughs Alice Benne, who has lived all over France and even abroad for her studies and then for her job as a wine dealer. “I also went to Peru to do humanitarian work. And this 34-year-old Castraise has become especially addicted to jungle survival courses on the other side of the world. Moments of “suffering” and “overcoming” that help him go through important stages of his life.

TV shows like Koh Lanta on TF1 and especially The Island on M6 always made him dream. “I also wanted to apply to participate, but with my work it was very complicated in terms of license”, explains the one who lived between two planes in magnificent hotels for his work. But in 2019, when he was living in Narbonne, he left it all behind. “I had a good job, I had just built a nice house, I had a nice car. I was very lucky but this life didn’t suit me, it wasn’t me”, explains Alice, who will thus return to Castres, where her roots are “the only place where I spent more time”.

Thailand, Guatemala, United States,

And that’s when she decides to enroll in a survival course offered by Denis Tribaudeau, a recognized Girondin expert who has trained some Koh Lanta candidates. “Something is missing, I didn’t know who I was anymore so I told myself that you are going to go out to find yourself”, explains Alice who arrives in Thailand with a survival professional and 5 other interns supervised by two villagers who serve as guides. and ensure your safety in this hostile jungle during this 5-day trek. “We learned how to set up camp, how to do our dishes, how to find and filter water, how to make fire the old-fashioned way”, explains Castraise, equipped with a simple backpack containing what is needed. You cannot lie to yourself and you can only be yourself.

At the end of this first stage, Alice will spend a month alone in Thailand to discover the country going from city to city according to her wishes. “I didn’t think I could be so ingenious”, confides the young woman who took to the adventure and immediately left for the United States for two months. Alice will thus multiply the encounters, discover other cultures to respond to this “need to breathe”.

“A big slap”

Back in Castres at the beginning of 2020, he found a new job, still in wine. “I wanted to change but I didn’t have the courage”, explains Alice, who quickly finds herself partially unemployed during the first confinement. A period in which she lives well, alone in a family cottage in the Pyrenees where she continues to learn “to be content with little in order to appreciate more and more the simple things”. “I started thinking about starting my own business”, says Alice, who decides once again to turn to Denis Tribaudeau to make the leap and find courage.

Last March, she enrolled in a survival course called “Terra Incognita,” scheduled for April. “We don’t know where we’re going, we just got a list of things to take with us,” explains Alice, who only learned her destination at Orly airport when she joined her group overseen by Denis Tribaudeau himself. Ko Lanta’s candidate. And it was in Guatemala that she set out on a new 5-day hike to cover 60 km in the middle of the jungle with a backpack stuffed with 12 kg of equipment. And to eat: just 1 kg of cornmeal for 10 and an orange and an egg each.

“We couldn’t wash in the rivers because there were alligators”

“I had to find food”, explains Alice, who describes a hot and humid environment, short nights despite the fatigue of long walks to explore this lush nature. “We woke up early with the sun and the sound of the animals”, says Castraise. Animals and insects that the fire drives away. A fire she can make in 30 minutes. “In Thailand, it took me 2h30”, Alice smiles quite proudly. The hardest thing for her was the lack of hygiene.

“We couldn’t bathe in the rivers because there were alligators”, says the young woman who during her trip was able to visit Mayan cities and, above all, create “unforgettable” bonds with the other trainees. “We’ve been writing to each other every day since we got back. We are all turned upside down by the return to reality. We were in a bubble there”, continues the young woman who had to “get a big slap in the face” to embark on her entrepreneurial project. And she intends to retake other survival courses.
“It becomes a necessity. I’m in my element”, says Alice Benne, who will continue to go “where the wind takes me”.

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